Nikki Mckay

NOTTS OPEN STUDIOS 24th January 2024
I am part of the Notts open studio days coming up in May 4,5 and 6th. 10am. till 5pm.

do hope you will be able to view new work and have a chat?

this is the link to a reel about the norwich show
OPEN STUDIO DAY 4th May 2023
my open studio day will be for one day only on Advent Sunday 3rd December 2023 from 10 till 4.30pm.

small pieces for gifts cards and prints with seasonal refreshments.
opening - 26th June 2023
private view - 29th June 2023 6-8pm
meet the artist and performance 15th July 2023
show closes sat 22nd July
All the large new paintings are complete I am now working on smaller pieces and encaustic panels its going to plan so far. This is the biggest solo show I have done to date I am including some sculptures.
A collaboration with my talented family will be a performance of living sculptures created by Barley Green, with an original sound track from my granddaughter
ARTS FAIR EAST 22nd September 2022
I will be showing new work at this open show.
1st to the 4th December 2022
it takes place in Norwich.
NOTTS OPEN STUDIOS 2022 20th April 2022
my studio will be open on Sat. June 11th & 12th between
10am and 5pm.
to view my new series of trees using clay encaustic and oil.
The studio is on ground floor level off a court yard
limited parking in driveway.
do hope to see you there.
OPEN STUDIOS NOTTS 2021 12th May 2021
my studio will be open for viewing paintings and sculptures as part of the OSN this year on the weekends of May 22 & 23, and the following weekend May 29 & 30
booking wont be necessary as there is court yard and outdoor shelter space in the garden if waiting is required. Which is where the outdoor sculptures are.

visit - for details

on YouTube you can have a virtual viewing of my paintings.
the link is
NEW SCULPTURE 11th July 2019
I am experimenting with different materials for outside sculptures breeze blocks ,cement etc.

to view these and any paintings just contact me
to arrange a date
the Boudoir series of my paintings are now on display in the shop gallery in Newark known as Meander & Mooch.
to view and to buy if they grab you.
NOTTS OPEN STUDIOS 22nd March 2018
we are opening our studio as part of this initiative
along with my husband Andy who is a filmmaker and photographer.
openings are June 2-3 and June 9-10,
between 10 and 5pm on all days - refreshments in the court yard.
OPEN STUDIO DAY 8th September 2017
open studio will be on December 3rd 2017
good time to get cards and gifts for chrimbo
DEMO PAINTING DAY 11th August 2017
In meander and mooch gallery on september6th.
WRAP PARTY 18th July 2017
open invitation to our wrap party for
Dryads & Dark Tales now showing at
the gallery st martins LN1 1ET
Sunday 23rd. July at 2pm.
The Gallery at St.Martins, 37B Hungate, Lincoln, LN1 1B
is the venue for a joint show with artist Polly Lancaster.

on 18th till 23rd July sweet little gallery so everything will be miniaturised
OPEN STUDIO DAY 31st October 2016
on Sunday 4th. December from 10am. till 4pm.
good chance to purchase a piece of art for a discerning friend or ones self, cards, framed drawings and canvases of all sizes.

Seasonal refreshments too.
I have just completed a new catalogue of work with a short biography if anyone is interested they can be posted to you, please contact me.
My work will now be hung in the new studios for Kahrs flooring in Clerkenwell London.
I am to be the embedded artist for this establishment .
STUDIO WORKSHOP 15th April 2016
The following week to my open studio I am running a workshop 'Oil painting for starters and restarters'

To book a place contact me the cost will be £25 a head which will include all your materials and tea and cake in the break.

Good fun to do this with a friend or make new ones.
1pm till 5pm (places limited).
OPEN STUDIO 15th April 2016
On Sunday May 22nd I will be hosting my studio open day.
We shall be open from ten in the morning till four o'clock in the afternoon,
Do please come along even if its just out of curiosity you don't need to purchase anything.
On sale will be cards, original drawings framed and not, paintings large and small canvases.
Next workshop will be in my studio on Sunday March 13th from 1pm till 5pm (with a break for tea and cake)
we will focus on textures. The cost per person is £25 which will include all your materials and your wee high tea. Booking essential as numbers are limited.
OPEN STUDIO 21st November 2015
My open studio day will be on Sunday November 29th.
from 10am.till 4pm. seasonal refreshments.
Cards and ink drawings, to small paintings, all useful gifts. Gift tokens maybe an option. I look foreword to
seeing you.
POP UP WORKSHOP 8th June 2015
On June 27th. at 2 till 4pm we will be focusing on colour and texture ripping watercolour paper and using crystalline dyes.
It will be fun and informal with demos and help if you need it. To be held in the spacious and glass domed roof of the Buttermarket pop up Gallery.
Come with a friend or meet new ones, booking essential.
POP UP GALLERY 28th May 2015
I am doing a pop up gallery in the Buttermarket Newark from June 4th till July 15th.

New and ancient work to view or purchase hope to see you there.
Three of my paintings are on show in the Long Acre gallery in Bingham as part of the NOS. The wax tree is literally that so if its in hot sunshine it will melt and slowly turn into a weeping willow I find that idea interesting. Slowly evolving change.
ROBIN HOOD THEATRE 27th January 2015
I have been invited to hang some of my work in the refurbished bar area at this theatre so when you go take a look. They are all for sale and some of the fee will go to the theatre trust.
OPEN STUDIO DAY 20th November 2014

My open studio day is on Advent Sunday 30th November ( 10 am – 4pm ) in my studio at 43 Farndon Rd. Newark . NG24 4SQ
For the sale of cards, drawings, small and large paintings with a complimentary glass of mulled cider or warm apple juice.
Great to see you there.
LONG ACRE STUDIOS 23rd September 2014
My work is currently on show at the Long acre gallery in Bingham till late October.
CAFE BLEU 12th August 2014
its very sad to see such a wonderful (one time) institution and cultural oasis in Newark come to a sad end.

so long and thanks for all the fish
ART WORKSHOP 31st March 2014
The dates for these two creative workshops will be Sunday May 4th. and Sunday 1st June 2014.
We will be experimenting with colour and texture and making marks in as many ways as possible, being creative and a bit messy 10.30 - 3.30.
£45 includes all your materials,and lunch in the garden. Booking essential.
TOWN HALL SHOW 6th November 2013
Two more weeks of my work up in the town hall spotlight gallery. A few of the drawings left to purchase at silly prices.
PAPER PAINTINGS 10th September 2013
I have just completed my fourth paper painting which you can find on my gallery. They are my Zen paintings they take ages and they are very calming.
STUDIO VISITS 13th June 2013
Studio visits can be organised to fit around your time.
so if you missed my open please feel free to come and have a look and a chat good to phone first to make sure i am there.
OPEN STUDIO DAY 30th April 2013
The Dress painting can be viewed along with other new stuff at my open studio which is on Sunday May 12th.

Sale of cards and prints. Between 10am. and 4pm. everyone welcome.
This painting is completed but probably will be added to forever.
Its been compared to a quilt with different fabrics to remember.and comes with a story for each image.
commissions for your own using notes, photos, kids sketches, music can be discussed.makes an interesting heirloom. The base could be a cloak.
On Sunday July 15th. 10am till 4pm.
few places left. fun warm ups demos experimenting with different materials, break for home cooked lunch. with a finished piece of work at the end of the session.
workshop will be in my studio, and will get messy.

Fee for day is £45 which includes all materials tuition and lunch. book to reserve place on 01636 686556
FITTING THE SPACE 15th June 2012
I have been invited to several clients homes recently to help decide on a commissioned work size and content. This is very usueful as I can respond to the space and the people living in it , so feel free if you require some advice on your commission.
OPEN STUDIO DAY 16th November 2011
December 4th 2011 from 10 - 4pm.
studio will be open for the sale of small and large paintings and loads of signed artists` cards.
with seasonal refreshments - Swallow Farm , 43 Farndon Rd. Newark NG24 4SQ.

POP UP GALLERY 9th September 2011
I have joined forces with four other artists to utalise an empty shop in Newark. Private view will be 6.30 till 8.30 on 16th. Sept St. Marks place opposite Wilkos. Show will continue for two weeks only!
FIGURINES 8th June 2011
I have just started making figures of my ladies from archive paintings, I have been told before that they are paintings of sculptures, so now I am seeing if that was true, it certainly is fun to do.
Studio workshop - techniques in oil painting for beginners and students.

July 31st. 2011 from 10.30 till 3.30 . £45 inclusive of lunch and painting materials including a canvas.

Please email me if you are interested on or phone 01636 686556

places limited
YOUTUBE FILMS 4th March 2011
I have put two films on youtube follow link

youtube - oiuyf's channel

VIEW ANIMATIONS 21st February 2011
Some of my animations can be seen via the Bang Festival web site
INK DRAWINGS 8th June 2010
I have a large set of ink on paper drawings which can be seen in my studio for anyone interested they are in matt black frames under glass, and the prices range from £110 - £90. I have tried to put the images up but they have distorted and so don't give a true image , I will try again soon.
Also I am currently working on a set of lino prints.
This signed limited edition publication is now available. Measuring 31 by 28.5cm.It has a biography, collectors reflections on their paintings and thirty large colour prints which can be removed for framing the cost is £20 plus p&p.
Can be ordered over the phone or by email or are on sale at Strays book shop,Millgate Museum, and the Cafe Bleu Newark,Nottinghamshire.
ISBN 978-0-9562888-0-6
Well everything went as well as could be expected. The dance performance `Stream` performed by 10 fab students from my daughters' advanced contemporary dance class was an huge success. Barley Green choreographed the 20 min. piece in response to the five large canvases behind the dancers.They where wearing over long kimonos that trailed behind them or to the floor when they stood on mini rostra like strange and lovely statues, using just their arms to create a language and mesmerising calm. The whole evening was a wonderful collaboration dancers , musicians and very receptive guests.The painting raised £240 for Guatamalan children.
ITALIAN SHOW 26th October 2008
The opening for my Monticatini show went very well with alot of interest in my work. I was interviewd by tv tuscany for their daily news programme I talked about the paintings as the gallery owner Rosella Tommei translated it into Italian which they used as a voice over whist showing the paintings.
The local newspaper also had two items about it .
The opening of this show on Sunday May 4th.2008 broke the opening night attendance records with a head count of 85. This exhibition was put up for the Renaissance Heritage awards.
A souviner catalogue accompanied this show.


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